School Lunches: Nourish or Neglect?

So this is the first hot button topic of 2010. It’s also one that I can get behind. I’ve often wondered why the US government sets such low standards for what many call “the only meal some students get all day.” I ask you, is this truly the best we can do for our children?

I remember my days in public schools and, to say the least, lunch time was not a time I remember with fondness. Especially when it came to cafeteria food. The phrase “mass produced” was the best descriptor of everything in sight behind the lunch counter.

Take a second and read this article from Tara Lohan at Alternet.

Let me set up a scenario in your mind. Remember that time you filled up at a highway gas station and saw a tiny, greasy, glass-walled steam table beside the cash register? Now, remember how you said to yourself: “There’s no way I would ever eat anything that came out of this place.”

The food they serve there, by default, is of higher quality than the food served in your local public school’s cafeteria, because of higher governmental standards.

That’s absurd, people.

The fuse to this powder keg of the blogosphere is here, the mysteriously (and anonymously, for career safety) named Mrs. Q writes a blog called “Fed up with school lunches,” where she chronicles every day of her students lunches, and eats them herself.

So I have this to ask of my former school administrators, my former school board, my state and local government, and my federal government.

Is this seriously the best we can do for our children?

Why did everything have to be prepackaged, canned, frozen, phosphate injected or artificially grill marked? Must the lowest bidder produce the food that not only feeds our children, but serves to educate them in good eating habits? Do we want our children’s eating habits to be a product of cost-saving an buracrecy?

I hope not, for their sake.

So is fresh, healthy food really impossible?

I submit these sites for your review.

Reap Food Group

The Lunchbox

Lets do something positive here, I encourage you all to support initiatives like these, or to start one in your area.


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