iPhone Backgrounds/Old Photo’s/Memories

I took these shots a while back, and have used them from time-to-time as backgrounds on my iPhone. I figured I’d share them with y’all, just in case anyone was interested. (My personal favorite is the tomatoes!)

“Elephant Ear”


“Pea Hulls”




“Elephant Ear 2”








As you can tell by my vivid descriptions, I’m not a botanist. But I hope these images are as fun for you as they were for me. I took them over 2 years ago when visiting my grandparents. All of them evoke thoughts of my childhood.

Today’s lesson is this: take pictures. Lots of them. Not just the ones of people standing in rows smiling. Sometimes we focus all on capturing those moments, and forget how much emotion is wrapped into the rudimentary items that surround us. I’ll keep these pictures forever. Not just because they are interesting lockscreen on my cell phone, but because they are a great way for me to bottle up time and keep memories alive of the place they were taken, and the times I spent there.


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