“Bulk” Canned Sausage?


Yes. It exists.

Yes. I’ve tried it.

Yes. It looks like cat food.

Yes. It tastes EXACTLY like you think it would. (Unless you were thinking of Vienna sausages, SPAM, or canned corned beef. All of which I enjoy.)

I tried this monstrosity on a whim. I even used the starter recipe on the can to see if it would help me find this ingredient’s niche.

Won’t make that mistake twice.

I deleted my photos. Y’all don’t want to see them. Trust me.

Anyways, if I missed the boat here, let me know in the comments. I’ll be brave and try this again if someone can give me direction.


10 thoughts on ““Bulk” Canned Sausage?

  1. put can in skillet on medium heat (do not make pattys just dump in the can), once warm throw in 2 eggs and mix in. make small bowl of grits and some toast. once eggs are cooked in the suasage add some to your bowl of grits. stir all together and enjoy on some toast.

  2. I prefer it just heated and eaten with a spoon along with eggs and grits. I don’t like it mixed with my other food as it dulls the flavor. Don’t try making patties as the can illustrates. I’ve wasted several cans of this hard to find delicacy doing that. It just doesn’t work. It’s a great occasional treat but the fat and salt content are ridiculous.

  3. So all of the recipes described above miss the mark when compared to my mother’s way of preparing Beverly bulk breakfast sausage. Her approach, and one that I regularly try to emulate, is to empty the contents of the can into a mixing bowl, add 1 egg, mix thoroughly. This mixture will be very moist. Then slowly add small amount of flour, about a tablespoon at a time, until the mixture is thick enough to stick to the side of the mixing bowl. Heat your skillet – preferably cast iron – and add a tablespoon of bacon grease. Spoon the sausage egg and flour mixture into small patties directly into the bacon grease. These will quickly take the shape of small pancakes or potato cakes. Like pancakes, let the mixture brown on one side cooking almost halfway through, then turn the sausage patties and brown the other side. The egg/flour combination will make the exterior slightly crunchy while the interior will be a smooth sausage texture. Serve with your favorite preparation of breakfast eggs toast biscuits or whatever. If you want to get a bit ambitious add some crushed red pepper flakes, cumin, chopped onion, or garlic powder to the sausage mixture prior to frying.

  4. Just tested this recipe again. I ended up with about 6 tablespoons of flour. I also added some cumin and crushed red pepper and finely chopped yellow onions. Made a yummy dinner.

  5. I think u had to be from the south like I was born in the 50’s and we ate this all the time, nothing like it in grits, and some buttery toast (and the toast cant be made in a toaster , it has to be made in the stove on broil lol), I call it old fashioned toast, the taste and texture takes u back to a simplier place and time.

  6. OMG! I love this stuff! I grew up in North Carolina and ate this frequently on top of scrambled eggs and grits with toast. Mmmmm, good memories!

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