Pot Likker

“Pot Likker,” “Potlikker,” “Pot Liquor,” or “Collard Liquor.” I don’t care what you call it. When you combine chicken stock, chardonnay, pepper vinegar, garlic, onions, smoked pork neckbones, smoked hog jowls, and a pinch of sugar & black pepper; the resulting broth would make an old boot delicious.



Happy New Year from The Southern Table!

Happy New Year! (For all of you southerners, “Happy New Years!”)

I hope your day was filled with joy, and your stomach was filled with:

20130101-182155.jpgBlack-Eyed Peas…

20130101-182724.jpg…Hoppin’ John…

20130101-182744.jpg…Collard Greens…

20130101-182818.jpg…and Chicken Livers.


Lord knows mine was!